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Recently Updated to 2.0 Full patch notes here.

Fly around an island collecting fruit in this relaxing, dream-like exploration game.

Played best with gamepad, but also supports mouse and keyboard controls.


Samurai Punk

Nicholas McDonnell - Art

Winston Tang - Programming/UI

Justin Whitfort - Programming

Skeletone Audio

Mitchell Pasmans - SFX and Music

OST Available to stream on Bandcamp.

More information

Published234 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date227 days ago
AuthorSamurai Punk
Tags3D, Atmospheric, bird, collection, Exploration, Flight, flying, low-poly, Relaxing, unity
LicenseAll rights reserved
Average durationAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
Player countSingleplayer


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FruitsOfAFeather2.0_WINDOWS.zip 105 MB
FruitsOfAFeather2.0_OSX.zip 114 MB
FruitsOfAFeather2.0_LINUX.zip 105 MB


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Playing this game was a really amazing experience. I like when I go up up up and then swoop down, get close to stream and fly through the fruits. I felt like I was the bird :)

this looks ok

so beautiful


I think when you're at 190/192 is when you really start to appreciate the scenery. Loved the Windows 95 easter egg. Nice play!

What a fun, incredibly soothing game. The visual style is gorgeous, complimented beautifully by the fantastic sound design/music and simple gameplay. This is one of the best indie games I've played this year (and I don't mean the past 4 days). Had an amazing time playing and would enjoy relaxing to it even after I collect all the fruits.

The island has plenty of little unique characteristics that make exploring it even more fun (like the cave, and snowy mountains) with cute physics for the bird to react against. My favourite thing in the game is the music, which is fantastically composed (kudos to Mitchell Pasmans!) and the fact that there's enough of it to produce a musical statue to use in-game in order to cycle tracks is a treat. Great job guys, I'll be keeping an eye on SamuraiPunk and their games from hereon!

This game is just awsome very relaxing. Congratulations for this game.

Such a gem! I love the mystery of the game.

This is definitely not my usual type of game. That being said, it's a beautiful game, very relaxing, and nice mellow music.

The only thing that frustrated me, was that I couldn't do a loop-the-loop!

Found the secret "Windows 95" thing! Its so beautiful... this game is amazing

Very nice, very relaxing. Also very nice to make it possible to try the game to check whether it works before paying for it.

Two suggestions if you don't mind for mouse play:

  • allow to use the mouse buttons for speed up/slow down (left/middle?)
  • don't reset the view direction unless the right button is released. so that one can glide high. look down, and admire without any big movement for a while

Thanks for the game,



I LOVE this game. It's so peaceful and very relaxing. The background music is great, and the island is pretty large so I keep finding something new every time I fly around.

This is a masterpiece! Absolutely gorgeous!

Every human has the dream about can flight .. and this is like making the dream true, very calm, i love to play when i'm stressed or not in mood i love those secrets!

Again... this is a masterpiece dude!

WHen you quit the game, it says "ARE YOU"


Protip: You can you the mouse to move

Wow. Such an abstract concept, yet strangely fun. This is a good game. Get it.

I loved, absolutely loved this game. Especially the sound track. Took me away and made me say some things that I hope can help everyone.

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Great game! Bird fllying game is like a dream for me! :D

Would want for landing feature too.

Totally awesome game to play.

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Excellent game, very calming and relaxing, but a few suggestions: Add a landing feature or screenshot mode, and separate the invert camera and invert controls settings. Also depth perception is somewhat lacking in this game but it's probably just the engine. But still, well done.

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