Friends Forever Update

We’re happy to finally be able to share our new update with y'all! This update brings a range of improvements and new content as well as a great new feature for players to connect with each other across platforms. 

Connect with your friends!

We’ve added a room code system so players can more easily join their friends.

This system works cross play and means you can easily join your friends’ games by sharing your room code and connecting directly to them. 

To join a friend’s game simply let them know your room code, which you can find in the pause menu.

Then they can then select “Join with code” from the Pause menu, enter your room code, and confirm to connect to your room.

Other Platforms

This patch is launching synchronously across all platforms except Xbox, due to some issues. So if you’re trying to play with friends on Xbox, hold tight as we’re still working on getting it out there. 

New Content

  • We’ve extended the second island significantly with a new hidden area, players who were previously obsessed with the triangle ruin in the snow will be pleasantly surprised
  • In this new area you’ll be able to find an awesome new song by our composer
  • We’ve hidden 5 new birds across the maps, these include some much requested birds :)


  • Birds now have different sizes to help give them more personality
  • Added some butterflies to the first island


  • Fixed music bug where it would stop if you flew through 2 or more runes in a row
  • Fixed some holes on the map
  • Fixed a soft lock when you disconnect in the main menu
  • Fixed a bug where joining a friend during rewind would cause the greyscale effect to stay on
  • Fixed bug where players could get stuck loading into second island


Feather v1.5.1 - Friends Forever (Windows and Mac) 565 MB
Jul 27, 2021

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Wow, so I can play with other great people who are a big fan of T.O.T.S. who will enter my game code so it'll be like a private server now available for consoles, I'll have to let those people know about this!