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This game is beautiful. Its amazing and for some reason it made me happy. Idk how to explain it, i really love this game! Please keep working on it!

This is it for now besides a possible steam launch and bug fixes. But if it does well on steam we might consider taking another crack at it. It's sad that we can't work on it more but it's revenue is so low and we opperate a proper studio full time so this is like a relief project for us.

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This is an awesome game, very calming and relaxing! I love that you're flying around as a bird! I can imagine being stuck at 191/192 fruits found! In the end i even found a small cave in which there was a fruit hidden in!

Nice game, completed in around 2 hours. You should expand the experience with new birds, areas and fruits.

Just made a video of your game because I find it very awsome:

Very beautiful game. I love it

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What a fantastic experience this was, thank you for allowing me to experience what a bird's paradigm could be. This game is beautiful, I recommend adding some bird AI to quell the feeling of loneliness though. Also, maybe an antagonist like an EAGLE that will hunt for me at night ! Thank you, to anybody else reading this, I highly recommend this experience !


Do you take BTC as donation/payment? I'd like to donate but I don't really trust the itch website.


um itch is pretty trustworthy.

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Found 191/192 fruits, loved the Windows 95 easter egg, but after an hour or so of looking for that last fruit, had to give up for now. Love the concept, the artwork, and the music. The ability to change tracks with the portals was fantastic. The multiple hidden caves and nooks and crannies rewarded exploration. It would be nice to be able to invert x/y on the analog sticks however you wish. It would also be nice to have better smoothing for the keyboard controls. I did get stuck in a block once, perhaps if the character doesn't move outside of a certain radius over a certain time you should respawn? It would be nice to maybe get some hints on the last fruit? Overall, I had a pleasant experience, great work!

Strangely I get a non-compatible/"Not available on Windows" message in the app, though I can download it to my Windows machine easily enough directly from the game page. As far as I know, there's no "Make available in app" switch, so this might be a bug in the app itself...

Such a beautiful and relaxing game. The music is awesome, and I absolutely love the low poly look^^ I found it a little difficult to hit the fruit as I missed quite a lot, but I got the hang of it rater wuickly. Nice game! :D

This is a realy cool and relaxning game but i think its a bit to less gameplay.

Sry 4 bad english ;)


how to download for free?


[2.0] Nice game, nice look. I would really like to have the option to invert the x- & y-axis of the left stick/flight controls. Unfortunately I did get stuck in the rocks of the "crystal cave".

The game is just so peaceful and relaxing ounce you get the hang of flying around. It has a few things like hitting the ground that could be done a bit better, seen a bit of the comments of mentioning s about the flying and could be tweaked a bit yes like when flying straight up, but other than those I really enjoyed playing it!

Made a video about it so hope you don't mind.

You should download 2.0 and let us know how you find the new flight controls.

When it works, it works really well, coming together to make a peaceful experience not often found in games. When it doesn't however, it realllllly doesn't. The controls are very imprecise, so a run for 5 red fruit in a row from quite high could lead to no fruit and your bird stuck momentairly under the ground, in a rock, desperetly trying to free itself by turning out of a tree trunk.

Great for a free experience, but if you were to pay for this you'd need to ask why a game about flying, with poor collision control on ground/tree/shrubs, and imprecise movement, has it's core collectable scattered amongst shrubs and rocks at ground level, or in caves, when you fly a bird that cannot turn around, so that you're forced to make love with the rock wall or floor, consistantly. If your game doesnt handle the ground well, keep the bird in the air with floating feathers or something.

We just pushed an update that changes and improves the flight controls, fruit layout and collision. We still don't think it's perfect but it's a big step up.

That's rad, will try it later tonight :)

Very good game, lovely artstyle and a cute idea. I can't relax to it though because the controls for turning are far from precise. I can't feel immersion when on a light touch of the key the camera turns by such a huge angle compared to how I actually would like it to turn. The best examples for better controls that I can think of are "Fly like a bird" games, at least the 3rd which I played, or even the old "I of the Dragon". Basically the camera shouldn't (to me!) go so far sideways when you turn and the turning should be much slower, with a slight delay or some acceleration.

Another thing weird about controlling the bird is that it behaves like a plane when it loses speed, it starts falling backwards first while a bird would lower its front to keep balance and THEN start falling down, by tipping the front down. I'm just saying that it doesn't feel natural. It works if I imagine the bird being some sort of realistic, animate kite or a paper craft, but if it's a real bird then it's kinda weird.

Just sharing my thoughts. I really like games like this and I wish I could enjoy it more, just from the comments I think it's more of a problem with me than with the game but still, I think it could have been done a bit better and you'll try experimenting with different controls next time! Cheers!

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Sensational. The music brings it all together. I feel as though you shouldn't really try to beat this, it's more of a journey kind of game. Here is a video you can watch of the game, with fairly non-intrusive commentary.

I adore this game, but, please, change the turning controls, they feel quite wonky.

Also, I get stuck in bushes sometimes, would be nice to have a way out of that without restarting the game

Having played a little more, this game reminds me a lot of Grow Home, which is one of the highest compliments I can give to a game. I adore the simple, untextured polygon look, but it sometimes makes it pretty difficult to judge the scale of the landscape when you start getting close up and trying to pull off tight maneuvers. I wonder if some sort of texturing might make it easier, when you're plummeting toward the ground, to get a sense of when you're getting close and need to pull up. I would often feel like I was just about hugging the ground but then pass well over one of the fruit. Anyway, great relaxing game. I'm glad rockpapershotgun refered me to it.

I really love this. Is there any chance you could include any other graphics options? I get like 200+ FPS on low but a choppy/unsteady 30-40 on medium. Fortunately low looks pretty great, but it would be cool to have a setting between those two somehow. My computer is i3-4130, GT 740, 4G RAM.
But this game is great and beautiful even on low. The flying feels really good. Thanks so much for making it!

I think maybe it's a v-sync issue? If I lower the resolution enough to get 60 FPS, the medium and high settings are perfectly smooth. If the frame rate drops below 60, I get awful hitches. (Unfortunately there's no wide-screen resolution option low enough for my PC to get consistent 60 on Med/High). Also, weirdly, if I try to force v-sync through the control panel, I get low frame rates and hitching even on the low setting, but as soon as I go into the game's menu, the frame rate shoots back up to 200+ (Forcing v-sync OFF through the control panel doesn't seem to work, or at least has no effect on the hitching at Med/High.)

Not really expecting technical support for a little game like this, but thought maybe you'd be interested. Thanks again for making it.

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I do enjoy this game, amazing work Samurai Punk I loved the artistic values, and music it was so serene! this is my experience!

This game looks so cool i cant wait to get in and play it :D

So are there actually 168 fruits? I got to 167 and I feel like I've been all over the island. Is the last one hidden somewhere special or am I just not observant enough?


Your game is Beautiful!

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I added this game in my litte blog to reccomended it! Hope to see a new version in future with lot of new things! Here you can take a look if you want at the article:

Games of the day! 08/07/16

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Give`s any option to reset the savefile?

Hey there! Apologies for the slow reply. You can reset your progress by holding down the "R" key for 1 second while you're in the game. :)

Thanks a lot for the help.
This Game is awesome.

Great game! Well done matey!


Very beautiful but steering seems to be not smooth unfortunately.


This may seem like a silly question, but is there a software for Linux you need to open the game with? Or must I unzip the file first? I am very excited to experience this game! Thank you!

Hey there, you should just have to unzip the file. :)

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I've unzipped the file, but I'm afraid that it's not at all obvious what to do to actually play :-)

Edit: okay, found "FruitsOfaFeather.x86". I was confused by the fact that my unzipper didn't create a new directory for the entire contents, so I ended up in the FruitsOfAFeather_Data directory. That being said, I'm still not able to play the game. A little googling seems to suggest that the problem may be that I'm trying to run an x86 binary on a 64-bit machine..

There seems to be a lot of mono dll's and unity-stuff, but there's no executable file that I can find.

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How to Run:

chmod +x FruitsOfaFeather.x86



I did a lets play on this game of yours for a series I run called INDIE TIME where I pit two random indie games against each other. Hope you enjoy ^_^

Simulador de vuelo!

Wow, this is REALLY a relaxing game!

I mean, during 20 minutes, I only flew for the pleasure of flying (sorry, it wasn't interesting for me to try to collect the berries ^^" ), I tried to make tricks, went pfieeew and peeew, and even managed to do a barrel roll ! Plus the music, I really felt relaxed, calm :D

The only remark I have is, on the keyboard, when I go right or left, the movement is a little too harsh (but maybe it comes from my keyboard)

Hope you'll keep going on your adventure, but while this time, I'll play this demo when I'll need to chill out :)

Thanks for your game!

You've really nailed the feeling of diving and swooping, well done team!

MAC version app file says "can't be opened", do I need something to run it? Thanks!

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Hey Pimentoso, it's probably complaining because it's a non Mac store app. Try ctrl-click/right clicking it and opening from that menu.

It's actually the first thing I tried, no luck :(

Hmm, that's annoying. :( Can you send a screenshot of the error message to contact [at] and we'll look into it for you?


This Game Is Amazing!! Maybe adding something to find the last fruit would be cool... Iv'e spent the past hour and a half looking for it and I still haven't found it xD


it sucks (Just a Prank Bro) :D its great

Just got punk'd


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I'd love to see my bird upgraded as different other birds when I find more collectables. Just to have some motivation ^^

We we're thinking of adding stuff along these lines but we wanted to keep the game small and simple since it's free. If we come back to it though something like that might be added.


Could you possibly add different birds, like a duck or a chicken?(despite chicken's lack of flight.) Coding is hard but, that would be cool! thx,


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