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Very cool ! Thank you for this relaxing experience ! :D
Going fast and brush against the surface of the water is super great.
Need to be more "powerfull" / "stylish" when I get some fruits, to increase motivation and renew the experience. ;P

Only 3 words: Relaxing, Satisfying, Amazing

Gameplay Brazil

32 bits pls

This is a sow nice game! I played it now for about 1 hour and its altrough fun! I will donate some of my pocket money to the makers.

Hi, i have found 191/192 and was wondering if you have to complete something to get the last one? I also can't figure out what the portals are for...

wait no never mind i found them all, so that leaves the question of the portals

I downloaded this game and I set the graphics to the lowest. but now I cant change it back. plz help

Wait, this guy made Screen Cheat? YAAAAAS!!!

P.S. best easter egg 2017

Absolutely amazing! I regret not having VR, but on PC it's very calming and enjoyable too. I found an easter egg once. Then turn back to normal, planning to back to that easter egg later. But I can't find it again. Am I just lost, or it's disposable?

The VR support isn't out yet anyway. You're probably just lost. 

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Is there a link to a 32 bit download? Cannot seem to find one....The download only includes 64 bit....

Really cool experience, I love flying around! Especially loving the effects on colliding with trees :)

But I can't play this without a total freeze every several minutes... after which I have to kill the process. No idea what causes it, but the last time it froze right after pressing space and shift almost simultaneously (space quickly after releasing shift, i think).

Anyways, here is my output log if that helps, there is something about mono's security framework (?)

Hi! This game is a really cool game I have a great time playing it! I like the concept of the game and would be awesome if more features are added and I made a video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!

Really great and restful experience :) Nice work !

I'm impressed! I thought I was flying the whole time! The music was a nice touch, too. This was a very calming experience for me. Is this bird an eagle? It looks like one from the back. Anyway, nice job! 

Not so much a game, but a wonderfuly relaxing experience. :) Excellent work! Definitely worth a tip.


Dude sometimes looks like you are having an orgasm with the groams lol i will play this

Thats how you know you're playing a good fucken game my friend

Wow, very visually appealing game. The bird controls feel very smooth and are easy to use, even when I accidentally slam into a tree. Took me over a hour to find all the fruits but the time just flew (heh) by. Loved every second of it!

found the last apple! :) and the easter egg, it's very aesthetic!

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Thanks for making such a great expirience of a game!

The epitome of freedom.. :)

posted to /r/artgames

Playing on a controller you can invert the up/down to get normal flight controls by inverting the camera, but this means the camera is now the wrong way round. Could you make the controls and camera setting separate?

One last apple missing. Where is it?? I NEED TO KNOW! :D


2 and a half hours to find all the fruits (and the easter egg). worth it.


Thank you Samurai Punk, for making one of the most beautiful and relaxing game of my life, you did a fantastic job!

My 3D TV VR box video side by side Fruit of a Feater

Love this game so much, so smooth, runs well and is so fun. Love the game play currently stack at 191/192 and am so excited to find the last one. Different birds that fly differently would be cool but I understand if you want to keep the game simple. Can we expect updates in the future or do you have other projects

Updates are a possibilty. We're still trying to figure out exactly what this game is and what we want to do with it. Also since it makes almost no money it's hard to justify. For other projects head to !!

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Amazing game! It's low-stress, gorgeous, fun, beautful. I've never had so much fun flying around. In fact, I've never flown around before because I'm not a bird, but this game made me feel like I was flying. My one frustration was not being able to do a vertical loop, but then again, I don't really know if birds do those in real life. I can't wait to play it more. Amazingly, it looks gorgeous no matter what I play it on. On my Linux laptop, it's beautiful and performs great. On my Linux game machine, it's even MORE beautiful. I cannot praise this simple, poetic game enough.


This game is Fantastic! Please could you add a online multiplayer mode and if you collect a certain number of fruits your bird changes into a better bird as it would make the game better in my opinion! But overall Great game!!!

Hello! I would love to do a Let's Play of this game on my channel if that's okay with you? If so, is it also alright to use YouTube Partner program to place ads on said video?

Hi Blitz,

Go nuts!!

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Here's the LP! I was unfortunately having computer issues at the time, but I did recommend that others give this game a try on their own machine.

Thanks for the lovely let's play. I'm sorry you've had tech issues and I hope this ended up calming you down a little if even for a moment.

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I found something I think is a glitch near the cave entrance/exit in the side of a the mountain range. I was darting down w/wind resistance coming off the wing edges in jets, pulled to a near parallel with the ground, & hit the ground while in one of the bushes nearby the entrance/exit; the eagle's body went all the way through the ground. Underneath the mountains I could see this huge lake, a vast empty space above the lake, & the rocks that wall the cave/tunnel in a diagonalish arch. Once I came back through the earth everything normalized, but after repeating my actions a handful of times the same thing happened. This has never happened anywhere else, & I was a bit puzzled as to why it happened here.

Other than that one thing, the entire experience was very relaxing, & the geometric artwork was beautifully done. Thanks for a lovely game! <3

Hey developer, I loved the game but I kinda of changed some of the resolution configurations and lost a lot of quality, and didn't not how to fix it. So I think you should implement a reset button in the game. (also, I don't usually write in English so I hope you managed to understand everything).

I LOVED the game because it is just awesome to fly around!


Beautiful! This game worked well with my Minecraft bindings on my Steam controller. It ran flawlessly on my Linux computer. This game is beautiful, simple, and relaxing. My only complaint is that the fruit is very hidden, I was only able to find 190 out of 192 pieces after playing for 2 hours!

Wow, you guys! The performance and other improvements are fantastic. On the previous version I had to run at lowest quality and low resolution to get a steady 60fps. This one gets steady 60fps on high quality and my monitor's highest resolution. The collision is much better and I like all the added details. Thank you so much. I love this beautiful game. It might be the best flying game I've ever played. Got me to give my credit card number for the first time, cause you deserve it.

Thanks dude! Yeah the first version was very much just the fresh out of the jam iteration. Glad all my optimisations helped.


Even though I don't find collecting fruit fun, I love the art, animations and the flight.

Great 10/10

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