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So, I'm aware that there's a 'secret' way to restart the fruits via in-game methods, but i've been searching for over an hour. I would really appreciate it if you could at least tell me the following: If i find the thing, will i have to do something specific, or just fly by it? Thanks to anyone who answers. *thumbs up*

This game it great it make take on a hard topic and bring me back to when i was a yonng child dreaming about flying around a top speed. Over all 10/10 gg. However I love this game but i feel that there should be a bit more to do.

Things you should add to make it my dream game

A basing feature

pery and with that predictors

mabye a few mini game like a race or challenge

and a muilt-player co-op doing online

But I not say i dislike it but I only play for so long (25 mins) but i can see how boring this can get without some feture above

over all gg

Klaatu sent me here

Who's that?

he podcasts at and

oh cool. 


i really really like this game!  its very calming 

check out my gameplay if youd like? :D


DUDE  THIS IS THE ACTUAL BEST THING. I've always wanted to play a game where you can just simply exist within a peaceful environment and this game truly delivered!!

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This was one of the first Indie games I ever played and there really is no other game like it. It's nice to have a game that focuses entirely on ambience and relaxation and not challenge and controls. It really makes it more of an experience than a game, and there just aren't enough of those around. 

I played it over a year ago and always come back to it to chill me out, I'm so glad to hear that it's being expanded into a larger game. That being said, I do think that 'Fruits of a Feather' is a much more unique name than 'Feather', but I'm thrilled to see that the aesthetic style is staying the same. My other piece of advice would be, RELEASE A SOUNDTRACK! The composer did a stellar job, it's some of the best in any game and I would love to listen to it while doing other things too.

Sometimes, less is more, and that sentence sums up the success and gameplay of this game perfectly.


Thank you soo much for your kind words <3

The soundtrack will be launched on steam with the game but for now our composer has the album up on Bandcamp.

Thank you for this beautiful little game! I loved the colors and the music. The bird is really nice ūüĎć 

I feel really stupid, but is it supposed to fully extract? I am running Linux Mint and I used the extract option but it doesn't fully extract. My daughter would love this game as she loves to "fly like birds" but I cannot get it running. Can I get some advice? Sorry, I am new to Linux as Windows 10 completely crashed my computer and no longer works on it.

Get a Good Zip extracter. After extracting, open the file and right click on the .x86 file and go to properties. Then go to permissions and allow to execute as a program. Then, your game game will run as usual. 

Thank you!!

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Aw, I liked the name "Fruits of a Feather".

Beautiful game, This game makes me feel so inspired because the goal of this game is to collect all the fruits and I was on the last one and it took me 6 days to find it and I was not giving up because I know I want to achieve what I must do to feel like I have completed the best thing in life. Thanks for making this game.....I really, really love it.


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I've played computer games all my life and I can say this is the most calming, fun and relaxing game I've ever played in my entire life. Hats off, hands down. I've one question though, how do I restart the game with my score back to 0 so I can play it again and again. Thanks a ton #SamuraiPunk... Kudos!

Hey greencloud.

Glad you liked the game, we've actually got a big re-release coming soon so keep your eyes open for that. 

As for restarting, that's a secret.

Hahaha, I think I know what you mean when you say "secret". By the way I've tried the game in Windows 10 with the exact same settings, and I've noticed a significant difference with the bird's flight. My main computer is Archlinux and here the flight is far more seamless, smooth, while on Windoze it's kinda edgy.  I just thought you should know.  By the way I'm excited with your upcoming "big re-release". 

¬°Felicitaciones! #SamuraiPunk :) 

make sure you're watching if you want to see updates on what that's gonna look like. 

Sure thing #SamuraiPunk! Will do.  Thanks a ton!

Very cool ! Thank you for this relaxing experience ! :D
Going fast and brush against the surface of the water is super great.
Need to be more "powerfull" / "stylish" when I get some fruits, to increase motivation and renew the experience. ;P


Only 3 words: Relaxing, Satisfying, Amazing

Gameplay Brazil

32 bits pls

This is a sow nice game! I played it now for about 1 hour and its altrough fun! I will donate some of my pocket money to the makers.

Hi, i have found 191/192 and was wondering if you have to complete something to get the last one? I also can't figure out what the portals are for...

wait no never mind i found them all, so that leaves the question of the portals

I downloaded this game and I set the graphics to the lowest. but now I cant change it back. plz help


Wait, this guy made Screen Cheat? YAAAAAS!!!

P.S. best easter egg 2017

Absolutely amazing! I regret not having VR, but on PC it's very calming and enjoyable too. I found an easter egg once. Then turn back to normal, planning to back to that easter egg later. But I can't find it again. Am I just lost, or it's disposable?

The VR support isn't out yet anyway. You're probably just lost. 

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Is there a link to a 32 bit download? Cannot seem to find one....The download only includes 64 bit....

Really cool experience, I love flying around! Especially loving the effects on colliding with trees :)

But I can't play this without a total freeze every several minutes... after which I have to kill the process. No idea what causes it, but the last time it froze right after pressing space and shift almost simultaneously (space quickly after releasing shift, i think).

Anyways, here is my output log if that helps, there is something about mono's security framework (?)

Hi! This game is a really cool game I have a great time playing it! I like the concept of the game and would be awesome if more features are added and I made a video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!

Really great and restful experience :) Nice work !

I'm impressed! I thought I was flying the whole time! The music was a nice touch, too. This was a very calming experience for me. Is this bird an eagle? It looks like one from the back. Anyway, nice job! 

Not so much a game, but a wonderfuly relaxing experience. :) Excellent work! Definitely worth a tip.


Dude sometimes looks like you are having an orgasm with the groams lol i will play this

Thats how you know you're playing a good fucken game my friend

Wow, very visually appealing game. The bird controls feel very smooth and are easy to use, even when I accidentally slam into a tree. Took me over a hour to find all the fruits but the time just flew (heh) by. Loved every second of it!

found the last apple! :) and the easter egg, it's very aesthetic!

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Thanks for making such a great expirience of a game!

The epitome of freedom.. :)

posted to /r/artgames

Playing on a controller you can invert the up/down to get normal flight controls by inverting the camera, but this means the camera is now the wrong way round. Could you make the controls and camera setting separate?

One last apple missing. Where is it?? I NEED TO KNOW! :D


2 and a half hours to find all the fruits (and the easter egg). worth it.

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