A downloadable game for Windows

Created as  a part of the Samurai Punk #CorporateJam where games were made in 5 days during office hours.

Reclaim the city! Click an infested building and drag to the one you want to infest!

Justin Whitfort - @JustinWhitfort
Callum Williams - @MisterWolfen
Claire Rochelmeyer - @Cryadis

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsSamurai Punk, Cryadis, Elliec0pter


Infestation.zip 17 MB


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It's a great game and I really felt like trying to infest the whole city but I kinda feel like it needs something to acctually make it feel like you're doing some kind of progress becouse at one point I just gave up becouse I got bored since nothing really happend.
other then taht it's a great game and I would love to play it again some time in the future. btw I also really like how the vines looks. It's really cool.  :D

THIS WORLD IS MIIINE *Kerrigan noises*

I even infested the skyyyyyy *screeches*

This game needs ending! And more content, maybe just more cities will be enough. They could be added to the existing world as other flying islands, and new enemies could include helicopters, tanks, military ships that require more vines to be totally disabled. Respawning enemies can also be a good balancer.

Aaand there should be a little notice that you do can eliminate firethrowers, as my first run ended with a fully infested city and untouched firethrowers :b

And the more buildings and links I have, the more popups become irresponsible untill they fully disappear on uninfested houses.

How much "sun power" you get never increases so you can't attack the larger buildings and "beat the level".

Heyo! All of the buildings replenish your "sun power" to some degree over time, but a few of them (the expensive ones) increase your maximum capacity and replenish it over time permanently. Hope that helps :)

It looks really cool (judging by the screenshots) but some controls might be needed since I didn't really know how to infest the rest of the city. Good job though!

Heyo! To infest the buildings, you have to click (hold) on an already infested one, then drag and release on the one you want to capture. I should probably add a small context menu for that in game :`D

Simplistic but interesting, with a little bit of polish this could be really good. I love how the vines move around the city, by the way xD