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will there be a linux one cause i dont got windows so yea

Nah sorry mate.

but and i quote you said we might do OSX and Linux. 

"MIGHT" do linux and OSX. MIGHT.

could you make a 32 bit version

the art, sound, movement, physics etc are wonderful.

Such a fun little game! :D

I really enjoyed this game! Any game that takes place in space is a winner in my book! 

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Had a great time checking out Sol Traveler. Lovely game with calm music and great cohesion for a game jam game. Also I had WAY too much fun messing with the replicators!

Only takes a few minutes to peruse and definitely worth playing.

Let game it out does this type of stuff all the time

What a charming little adventure this was! It was fun learning how to fly the ship and then messing around with the environment (maybe throwing myself out the airlock too). Had a great time! Nice Job!

Hmm I figured out how to fly the ship. but still not sure what im doing. Interesting way of flying. Is something meant to happen when you crash into earth? my game freezes and restarts with heavy lag.

Will there be a Linux version? Looks like a Unity game, exporting is easy.

Also, please mark your files with the OS they're on so that Itch knows about it. Ex:


If we go back and polish up some stuff we might do OSX and Linux. 

Fixed the issue you mentioned, thanks for pointing that out.

simple little game love the art style gg